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            The global trade is growing at a mind blowing rate every year. Yet only a fraction of the people around the world, the privileged ones, is able to reach the western market to sell their products. The rest of the productive people, though possessing great craftsmanship skills, are often unable to make the right connections and reach potential customers due to several barriers; be it a language barrier or computer illiteracy or lack of stable internet connection.

            The Prosper Fair Marketplace was set up because we believe everyone with such barriers deserves access to the same marketing opportunities to reach their full potential and should be able to prosper. We provide our sellers marketing and logistics infrastructure, along with training and support that enables them to reach their marketing goals. Our marketing agents find these unique products and help sellers so they can set up their own store and will assist them with every aspect of their business to overcome their barriers.

            We work with the major courier companies to provide fast and reliable shipments to our sellers and buyers, at the lowest prices possible that they can never get as retailers. 

            At Prosper Fair Marketplace, we ensure that you will find one of kind, unique products that you will not be able to encounter in any of the mainstream marketplaces.